Alex Easton MLA has heavily criticized the Ards and North Down Council over there Green Bin allocation for the flats and pensioners bungalows in kilcooley.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“There is a serious flaw with the Council’s strategy to get residents to be able to put food waste into their Green bin. The flaw is that for many residents in Kilcooley they don’t have a Green Bin and many people living in the pensioners bungalows and flats have no green bin. These residents are now in a panic because they are getting stickers put on their Grey Bins and are afraid they won’t get emptied. The Council needs to identify the pensioner’s bungalows and flats in kilcooley and deliver Green bins to those residents may who are the most vulnerable in our society. Its simple get someone from Council to call out and identify those who need a Green bin, and sort this out before there is an environmental disaster happens over the failure to empty bins. Some of these residents are the most vulnerable in our society, and there is a responsibility on Council to fix the problem quickly.