I am committed to ensuring that Northern Ireland becomes a zero tolerance country for those who would abuse animals. Any act of cruelty should be punished. Those responsible for extreme cases of animal cruelty should go to prison.

I recognize that a large part of tackling cruelty to animals will take a longer, attitudinal alteration in society’s general outlook, but these proposals are specific policy areas where I believe government can make a difference.

  • I believe there should be a public awareness campaign funded by DEARA to raise awareness of the Welfare of Animals (Northern Ireland) Act, its provisions and how to report animal cruelty.
  • I support the creation of a centrally compiled “Banned Offenders Register”.
  • I support the development of dedicated school resources for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils informing them of the hard work and effort required to be a responsible pet owner.
  • I support a ban on circuses that contain wild animals.
  • A five year prison sentences for the most serious Animal Cruelty cases