Alex Easton MLA has today called on the Chief Constable to work the utmost speed to evaluate the extent of risk facing individual police officers across his constituency of North Down and staff as a result of the data breach earlier this week and seeks a meeting with the area commander.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

‘‘ From reports it appears the breach was on a huge scale and involves data on thousands of PSNI officers and staff. We are unlikely not know the full extent of the impact for some time. From speaking with police officers, it is clear their foremost concern is for the safety of their family’s and colleagues. There is also anger that such an error could have occurred in the first place and lessons need to learnt and for this to never happen again.

I recognize that the Chief Constable has apologized, however, among those directly affected inside and outside the organization his tenure will ultimately be judged on actions, not words. Trust has been eroded and must be restored.

The PSNI needs to devise a clear action plan to identify any risks posed to individual officers and staff due to the disclosure of data. It is not enough to assess threats today or tomorrow when the nature of the data in the public domain – and potentially in the hands of terrorists – is such that officers may be compromised months, and even years, later as a result of this data breach, act quickly and do everything possible to keep out PSNI officers and staff safe.”