Alex Easton MLA has today asked who is responsible for the state of the footways at The Ten Cottages the Cotton.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

Hear we go again a forgotten community who are not getting the service they are paying for in their rates, and the struggle of who is responsible. Basically the paths at the front of “Ten The Cottages the Cotton” are a mess and need resurfacing the hedge has grown out adding to the paths problem making it nearly impossible to walk on the footpath along side the Newtownards Road A48 at the Cotton which everyone knows is dangerous and no weed spraying which affects the steps coming down to the Ten the Cottages. So who is to blame is it the DFI, or the Housing Executive who own some of the property’s or is it the Councils responsibility. We have as usual written to all those government body’s but know they are all going to claim each other own it and then months of battling to try an get it resolved.”

Alex Easton MLA

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