Alex Easton has today announced his intentions to run in the forth coming Westminster elections as an Independent Unionist.

Speaking today he said:

After much soul searching and reflection I have decided to allow my name to go forward as a Independent Unionist candidate for the Westminster Election in North Down. North Down should be a safe Unionist seat and as the only realistic pro Union candidate in the field that can win. I believe the people of North Down should be offered the widest possible choice to elect someone who is strong and confident on the Union and will promote the benefits of the Union to all, and is strong in their support of all our local communities across North Down and who is willing to work for all regardless of their religion, nationality, gender, color or creed with someone who lives and works at the heart of our local community, this has all been sadly lacking since the departure of our former Independent Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon.”

I want to be a working MP who actually works hard for all constituents regardless of who they are, an MP that is seen on the ground all the time and not just at election time. This is an election that will shape the future of North Down for years to come and will be an election where your voice really counts and where the people of North Down will get the chance to send a really strong voice from me, with experience at Council and NI Assembly level to represent them at Westminster on important issues such as Health, Education, jobs, defense, national issues and the Union and at a time when strong leadership is needed to help North Down which has been sadly lacking.”

I want to see help for local business and want to work for more jobs to come to North Down. I want to see the maximum support for local community organizations and to build the confidence in our future generations of young people so they can have a better lives. I want to secure new school builds and fight for more funding through our block grant to boost our local services such as the PSNI, Health and Education as well as assisting the business community. At Westminster I will put the interests of the People of North Down first. There are so many issues that have been sadly lacking and ignored, so I humbly ask the electorate of North Down to give me the chance to demonstrate what I have proven at both Council and NI Assembly level time and time again and allow me the great privilege and honor to serve you at Westminster as the only Unionist candidate that can win.”