I have been inundated with complaints from residents about the state of Castle Park Road, Bangor about the state of the road in the area, this battle to get them to make repairs has been ongoing for five years, the road is now beyond repair it needs resurfaced the upper layer of road is coming away from the lower layer, it is unsafe. This needs to be taken seriously as this road is the main road for three schools, Serc, Town Hall and a cinema and leisure center.”

Having been down to the area and spoken with people the road surface for the area is in a really bad state of repair and it is long overdue for the area to have the road resurfaced. The area is just coming down with holes a patchwork quilt of road repairs and patched holes and is in urgent need of being resurfaced, it is becoming unsafe, I have never seen such a poor state of a major road in the center of Bangor.”

“It is with this in mind that I have written to DFI for the umpteenth time to see if the area could be included in a potential new resurfacing and footpath schemes for the future.”