Alex Easton MLA was deeply saddened at the news that a tree planted only on Saturday at Castle Park by the Local Bangor Orange Order District was stolen and removed.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Having been at the tree planting on Saturday to celebrate the 100 years of the formation of Northern Ireland I am saddened and dismayed that the tree planted to celebrate the centenary of Northern Ireland by Bangor Orange Order only on Saturday, has been stolen from the grounds of Castle Park. Some very sad individual out there, who maybe is just wanting to stir trouble because of their warped sense of mind, because of what the tree represents felt the need to steal this tree, were is your moral compass, you obviously don’t have one. While you may think this is funny all you did was stir resentment and raise tensions which are something none of us want! We will plant another tree and will keep doing so if needs be. I would urge anyone who has any knowledge of this or those involved to bring the information to the PSNI.”