Alex Easton MLA is pleased to hear of further plans to enhance Donaghadee Health Centre after an updated letter from the Health Minister in reply to his recent letter calling for further enhancement of health services for Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have always been concerned at the level of resources for Donaghadee Health Centre, and the concerns at the population increase in Donaghadee and the impact this is having on services, and have been pleased at the work done over the last few years to increase capacity at Donaghadee Health Centre.

“The increase of the general population in Donaghadee has seen an 8.2% increase meaning that Donaghadee Health Centre has had to offer an extra 17 GP sessions a week to cope with the demand. The current practice was clearly limited by capacity issues. Which was why I was pleased that the practice has work done to create a further 3 clinical rooms to help with supply and demand.”

“I further wrote to the Health Department to ask what plans they have to increase resources and further plans to expand or build a new Health Centre to cope with the pressures we see at Donghadee Health Centre and was delighted to see that further plans are being done to design and provide a further suite of clinical rooms within the health centre, this is very welcomed news as the Health of the people of Donaghdee is vital and that they receive the best Health Centre services that can be provided for the future.”