Alex Easton MLA has called for all rents rises to be frozen for the next two years

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

There must be an immediate rent freeze to all Housing executive tenants and Housing Association tenants as well as private Land Lords. The cost of living crises and energy crises is now getting so bad that families will not be able to afford any rises as they choose between eating and heating. It is important that the situation is addressed and that there are no rent increases for the next two years for Housing Executive and Housing Association tenants, However this does not go far enough there must be legalisation passed so that private Land lords cannot put rents up for the next few years as this will drive people from their homes and onto the streets. We as a society must ensure people have affordable homes and with that comes a responsibility not to make rents so high that people are left homeless. Time for the Secretary of State to take action if the political parties don take action at the NI Executive.