Independent Unionist Alex Easton has has pressed the Secretary of State to step up efforts to mitigate any risk of delays in the supply mobility equipment as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol as a local company in Bangor AMS suffers serious losses in business and supply’s for parts as a result of the NI Protocol.

Alex Easton MLA said:

As we approach the end of the end of the year the practical challenges facing local businesses and consumers as a direct consequence of the Northern Ireland Protocol are becoming clear for all to see. I was alarmed to hear from a local Bangor Company AMS that there is a risk of the supply of parts for mobility equipment being delayed and a loss of business to their company as a direct consequence of the NI Protocol. When we add to this the threat of goods from GB being subject to new checks and tariffs when they enter Northern Ireland – unless the EU agree otherwise – the inevitable result is delay and cost for those needing mobility equipment across Northern Ireland. This is a sorry state of affairs but it simply reflects the legal position agreed by the EU and UK . It is astounding – despite the clear implications for the local economy – that its cheerleaders in the Assembly and Westminster who continue to be relentless in their pursuit of the roll-out of the NI Protocol. The collateral damage of the NI Protocol must be avoided and the Northern Ireland economy must be protected unfortunately it is now even affecting some ;local company’s and mobility equipment, I have written to the Secretary of State on the issue as this is becoming more and more unacceptable as time goes by.’