Alex Easton MLA visited 3 local Bangor businesses this morning at Mango, Whale Technology and Polymer Center and Teleperformance with the Mayor, and Arlene Foster the DETI Minister.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This was a fantastic tour of three of our local businesses, it is important as politicians we show our interest in what our local businesses do, and listen to concerns or issues they raise. I was especially pleased to hear that Mango were expanding and were to create 50 new jobs for North Down. Teleperformance were especially impressive with the tour of their facility with over 900 people working for them. Whale was also impressive with the production of pumps and water systems for the caravan business and has just set up a factory in Los Angles in America to make their brand for the American Market.”

“This was a positive visit to all three firms with positive reports coming from all three companies, I hope that in the future to follow up how all three local businesses are doing and am happy to help in any way the three companies feel I can do so for the future.”

Alex Easton MLA