Alex Easton MLA has accused the UUP and Alliance Party of dirty tricks and Westminster campaign kicks off.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I was made aware recently that the UUP were using false polling data on their literature, we contacted the firm Calculus who admitted the date the UUP were using was not correct. I was also made aware of FB posts by UUP elected reps making up lies that I was giving my Assembly seat to certain individuals, this is totally untrue. There have never been even as such one conversation on this mater with others it was just pure lies! I spoke to the UUP candidate about this as I had a clear understanding that neither of us would attack each other during the campaign. The elected reps had to then take their posts down, these individuals made it clear statement this was not true. I will consider if elected who will replace me if and when I am elected and not before. Also I was made aware of false twitter accounts in my name being created putting out false information also these were reposted and taken down. If this is the tactics being employed by both party’s it is despicable and nasty. You will not see me stoop to such low level tactics and I will fight a clean campaign. I urge both party’s to fight fair and condemn these tactics!