Alex Easton MLA has called for more action to deal with shoplifting across North Down after being approached by a large local business about the problem.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

Alex Easton MLA has called for action to be taken to deal with the pandemic of shoplifting that is occurring in local shops across North Down. I have been approached by the Manager of Menaries in Bangor who has expressed deep concern at the level of shoplifting that has occurred in Menaries, some of which is extremely well organized and planned by gangs posing as shoppers and acting as decoys while others get away with the goods. While this is not a new thing, but according to Menaries this is happening on a daily basis which is seeing thousands of pounds worth of stock being stolen every year.”

There needs to more done to catch those responsible and I feel the only way forward is for businesses and PSNI to come together to find out ways to deter those that shoplift from our local businesses. There needs to be deterrents and smarter ways to deter and catch those responsible. It is also important that the public play there role and if they see anything suspicious to report it to staff and the PSNI. I would even suggest if people are caught on camera that maybe there photos are shown in the local papers to help identify and help apprehend those involved. We also need to be aware that these thefts can cause huge upset to staff working in our stores and can be very intimidating for staff to apprehend someone for theft. There are so many security gadgets now it is also maybe something the PSNI can help and advice with, but something needs done to protect our local businesses.”