Alex Easton MLA shocked by huge boulder put on public parking space along Warren road, Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

I was shocked by the huge boulder put along part of the Warren Road to prevent people from parking to use Portavoe beach. This is a popular swimming destination and I am deeply concerned as to the safety of people driving along this dark spot at night. Who ever has placed these along the road obviously has issues with parking, but this is really not the answer and should have asked permission of DFI (Roads). These boulders are an absolute site but taking this drastic action is not acceptable and the boulders need to be removed. I understand that if people are potentially blocking someone’s drive or are behaving in a reckless manor while parking but that is a PSNI mater and is entirely up to them to deal with the mater. I urge that these boulders are removed and that a safer and approved approach is put in place in partnership with the Council and DFI(Roads) this is not the answer.