Alex Easton MLA has accused the Council have misjudging and miss handling of the Buy Nothing New Campaign.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

While I agree with the sentiments of what this campaign was trying to get across it was totally inappropriate to put up a Council website and FB page tell people not to buy something New over the January Period. Its would seem to me that this post was not thought through in any way and the consequences of what was being said to local businesses. I was inundated with complaints from local businesses complaining about the Council encouraging people not to buy new products this is just not acceptable. Local businesses are struggling and Many rely on their January sales to get through much of their years, to tell the public not to shop in their businesses was just plain wrong and I am glad the Council after my complaints took the post down. This was badly handled by the Council and I would urge them to think through the type of messaging they put out into the public arena. It is not right to tell people not to buy something New, lessons need to be learned.”