Alex Easton MLA has today claimed the council has introduced another retrograde step with their sneaky introduced policy of having to book to use the recycling centers.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Yet another step which is going to reduce our ability’s to recycling has been introduced by Council and in a very sneaky underhanded way I might add. So it appears that the Council environmental Committee gave itself fill council powers for the very last Amenity’s Committee were they introduce a policy that you can no longer turn up at a recycling centre and get rid of items quickly and easily you now have to book online or by phone. So what does this do, it means less people are going to go to the bothered to recycle because it has just got harder to do so curtsy of the Council, it means businesses gardeners who are running a business their job has just become much more harder. I wonder do the Councilors realize what they voted through, and why they don’t seem to have the ability to question and say no to Council Officers who bring these hair brain schemes forward, I wonder if the residents of Ards and North Down had know at the election what was voted through would they be changing their minds right now?. The reality is there will be less recycling with another stupid Council policy.”