Alex Easton MLA has called on the Department of Education to apologize pubically to the staff and teachers of St Annes for the way they found out about the closure by the Department.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am truly sickened and disgusted at the way the Department of education have handled the announcement of the closure of St Anne’s Primary School in Donaghadee. To announce and put out press statements before telling the staff that they intend to close the school and for staff to find out through the press was a shock and very hurtful indeed. Does the Department of Education not care how they handle things do they not care how they have caused hurt to the staff at St Anne’s. What way is this to treat them after all the hard work they put into helping and providing excellent teaching to the pupils of ST Anne’s. I am shocked and disappointed at the way this has been handled and call for an immediate public apology to the staff both in the press and personnel letters to each of the staff, I am truly disgusted by this and does not bode well for working relationships if this is how the Department of Education behave.”