Alex Easton MLA hits back at Andrew Muir MLA for failing to fight for the residents of North Down on Road issues.


Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:


“ Being an MLA is about listening to people, making your arguments and delivering for your constituents, this means when a Minister is failing your Constituency then you hold that Minister to account. If you’re not doing this in the case of the Infrastructure Minister then your nor doing your job. Mr. Muir doesn’t seem to get it, and he needs to explain why he is failing to hold the Infrastructure Minister to account. Sadly the current Infrastructure has shown a complete lack of interest in North Down and so the list of failings goes on. Not one school across North Down has been included in the 20MPH scheme to reduce the speed of the traffic. The Minister has rejected calls to visit North Down. There is a complete failure by the Minister to address the mess caused works by telecommunications companies to footpaths across Bangor. A failure to tackle the dozens and dozens of roads and footpaths that need badly resurfaced from Holywood, Bangor, Donaghadee and Millisle all of which are on a road reserve resurfacing list. A failure to address the fact that the Ards and North Down Council area get the least amount of funding per head of population spent on our roads infrastructure.”

“Mr. Muir also needs to explain his own lack of interest in road issues as is demonstrated in a Freedom of Information request for 2020 to Transport NI and Street light Division, we see that Mr. Muir only sent Transport NI 21 emails for the whole year of that year were as in contrast for 2020 I had done 407 emails. The same pattern of inactivity on the email front by Mr. Muir is also shown for the reporting of broken street light for year 2020 with only 3 lights being reported by email by Mr. Muir while in contrast I had reported 508 broken street lights by email. I think it would be better served if Mr. Muir helped me to deliver for the residents of North Down no matter who they are rather than trying to impede me for trying to hold the Infrastructure Minister to account.”