Alex Easton MLA has today accused the Communities Minister and Ards and North Down Council of having no interest in resolving the Burial regulations scandal.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“The Committee for Communities and myself has received a letter from the Communities Minister stating “I see no merit in conducting a review at this time” from the Minister. This letter shows a complete lack of empathy with all the family’s that have been put through this ordeal by Councils and these outdated Burial regulations dating back to 1992 which are now 29 years old and really out of date and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the problems and hurt that family’s are being subjected to right across northern Ireland.”

“If the Minister and Council thing this issue is going to go away its not, I have the backing of the Community Committee and we have agreed to write to all Council across Northern Ireland to get a better picture of their understanding of the burial regulations as there appears to be different approaches and once we get that back I will ask the Communities Committee to agree a Committee motion to bring to the floor of the NI Assembly and force the Communities Minister to listen and understand and compel her to do something to force out council to use a bit of common sense and stop putting grieving families through this ordeal”.