Alex Easton MLA and his two colleagues Aldermen Wesley Irvine and Bill Kerry took time out to visit the Bangor Bus and Train Station.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“We took the decision to meet the management from the Translink Bus And NI Railway station at Bangor to discuss issues such as anti-social behaviour, issues at the Helensbay Train stop during the summer and plan for the future. We received an assurance that there would be tree planting done to replace any trees that were cut down due to being rotten and in a dangerous state and also a reassurance that the pathway at the side of the Bangor Train station would be kept opening and even upgraded in the future. Discussions also took place about the park and ride facilities and also plan to bring the full services back to pre-Covid levels hopefully by the spring of 2023. There was also the issue of recruitment of new bus drivers as there appear to be issues of recruitment which were being addressed. All in all, it was a positive meeting with me being shown around the train and bus terminals. I would thank the Management that took the time to meet and discuss the issues.”