Alex Easton MLA welcomes a continuation of the commitment to complete the double glazing programme for North Down, but urges the process to be speeded up after an Assembly question is answered by the DSD Minister.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been deeply disappointed at the stop and delay of many of the double glazing schemes that have been on going over the last two years across North Down. I welcome the commitment that the double glazing schemes will be done for 244 dwellings in Bloomfield/Rathgill, Groomsport and Kilcooley is programmed to start in March 2014. And also in 2014/15 a scheme for 196 dwellings in Holywood and Conlig which is currently programmed to start in April 2014.”

“However the timescale and delays and postponements are deeply frustration to Housing Executive tenants, who just want the work started with no more delays. I would urge the Housing Executive to ensure the contactors are in place and that work will start on time and that there will be no further delays, which have deeply frustrated me and the tenants.”


Alex Easton MLA

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