Alex Easton MLA has written to the DOE Minister to ask for an explanation on staff redundancies at one of North Downs biggest tourist attractions at Grey Point Fort in Helen’s Bay.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

β€œI am at a complete loss as to why this is happening, and I have written to the DOE Minister Mr Durkan to seek an explanation as to why this crazy decision has been made. I understand from reports that all staff will be made redundant from last Friday and so if this is the case this may have the potential to close this important tourist attraction. I believe this is scandalous! This site had 14000 visitors last year and has numerous exhibits of great interest.”

β€œIt is also the site of the only remaining costal gun battery from before WW1. A lot of the exhibits have been provided by the volunteers and staff themselves, or donated by the public. It is important that Grey Point Fort is protected and kept open and that staff are there to oversee the site and make sure it is looked after and that visitors have someone there to tell them about the history of the site. I will wait a response and clarification from the DOE Minister before deciding my next move.”