Alex Easton MLA has been left shocked after findings from John Ross, a research lecturer from South Eastern Regional College, and an expert in thermal auditing, who conducted tests in partnership with an insulation company on Housing Executive homes in Bloomfield and Kilcooley showed severe heat loss and lack of insulation.

“I am deeply concerned as to the finding of this survey in Housing Executive properties in Bloomfield and Kilcooley. I believe that it is the Housing Executives responsibility to tenants to ensure that they maintain and give best value for money to their tenants and that means the Housing Executive provide proper cavity wall insulation and loft insulation.”

“It is totally unacceptable for people to have to pay over the odds to heat their homes because of poor insulation. At a time when the financial burden is high there are huge savings to be made for tenants if only the Housing Executive were to spend money to insulate home properly it would also deal properly with the damp and mould that occurs in some Housing Executive property’s. Fuel poverty is a serious issue and I will be contacting the DSD Minister with these findings to see what can be done to ensure that the Housing Executive take action to address Insulation in residents homes.”