Alex Easton MLA has today joined forces with residents from Beechfield Estate, Donaghadee to protest at the state of the Roads in the area.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been approached by residents of Beechfield and Ashfield estates who are becoming increasingly fed up with the state of the road infrastructure in the Beechfield and Ashfield Estate area of Donaghadee. For many years now the road surfaces in the entire area has become badly worn down and are in a state of disrepair.”

“While the Road Service do repair the pot holes it is becoming far to apparent that the area is in need of major investment to put down new road surfaces across the Beechfield and Ashfield Estate area. It is out of sheer desperation by residents that they now feel the need to protest at the state of their roads. I have written to the DRD Minister Danny Kennedy to ask him to come down and look at the road conditions for himself and for action to be taken.”