Alex Easton MLA is delighted to have received an email from Fold to inform him that planning permission has been granted for 102 new social housing homes in Rathgill.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is fantastic news for Rathgill and for family’s who are looking for news homes. Fold will be building 102 new social housing properties in the Rathgill area. This will be good news all round for families, the disabled and singles people who are in needs of a home. This will cater for a whole range of people who have been on the Housing Executives waiting list for many years and will help to reduce this. Fold has been working closely with me and Karen Sullivan from the Rathgill Community Association on the project, and the sooner that Fold start to build the better.”

Ends Alex Easton MLA

Phone – 07989325665.

See email from Fold2no 3 person 2 bedroom Wheelchair Apartments

Good Morning Alex

As requested please find attached a copy of the proposed site layout for Rathgill, Bangor. I have also attached some of the proposed elevations (too many to attach them all).

Planning has now been received and the Contractor took possession of the site on 31 March 2015, we currently anticipate the scheme to complete early 2017.

There is a total of 102 units, housing mix as follows:-

2no 3 person 2 bedroom Wheelchair Apartments

2no 3 person 2 bedroom Wheelchair Apartments

1no 3 person 2 bedroom Wheelchair Bungalow

2no 5 person 4 bedroom Wheelchair Bungalows

1no 7 person 4 bedroom House

1no 4 person 3 bedroom Wheelchair House

2no 5 person 4 bedroom Wheelchair Houses

31no 3 person 2 bedroom Houses

29no 5 person 3 bedroom Houses

2no 6 person 4 bedroom Houses

18no 2 person 1 bedroom Apartments

11no 3 person 2 bedroom Apartments

I hope this helps, however if you require any further information please advise.

With Kind regards