The DUP has selected Alex Easton as its Parliamentary candidate in North Down. Mr Easton was elected as a DUP MLA for the area in 2003 and subsequently topped the poll in both the 2007 and 2011 Assembly elections.

DUP Leader Rt. Hon. Peter Robinson MLA said,

“This election is an opportunity of a lifetime for Northern Ireland. Our MPs could hold the balance of power in Parliament. Its important we send a team that will work together and get the best deal. The DUP is the only party with a plan for after the election. The Northern Ireland Plan sets out our agenda for a hung parliament and our five priorities. The DUP message is simple – More Votes. More Seats. More Influence. More for Northern Ireland.

Alex has been a first-class representative for North Down since he was first elected in 2001 as a councillor. It doesn’t matter where I travel in North Down I invariably meet people who Alex has helped. I’m delighted that he will be the standard-bearer for the Party in this unique election.”

Alex Easton MLA said,

“This is a unique election, and for North Down it is a massive opportunity to capitalise in the context of a hung parliament. I’m asking people to lend me their vote and support the DUP’s five-point plan for the next parliament. I’ll be asking people to think about the opportunity and then vote for the only team that can seize it.

The people of North Down know I have a record of hard work and delivery. Whether in the Assembly or in the Council, the DUP representatives work as a team to get the best deal for our constituents. It’s now time to extend that team effort to Westminster. With the prospect of a hung parliament, the next North Down MP needs to part of a larger team to wield real influence in the House of Commons.

As part of a strong DUP team we have five priorities in the next parliament. We would use our influence to secure proper funding for health and education. We would work to make Northern Ireland an economic powerhouse. We would press the government to protect and enhance our British identity and we would also seek to strengthen our borders and immigration policy.”

DUP North Down MLAs Peter Weir and Gordon Dunne said,

“We’re delighted to endorse Alex as our Westminster candidate. The DUP could hold the balance of power in the next parliament. Unlike others in this campaign, the DUP can work with either of the big parties in Westminster. It is right that we give the people of North Down the opportunity to vote for our plan. The more seats the DUP has the more influence Northern Ireland will have. We will be asking people to vote ‘Easton X’ to ensure the DUP has a strong team of MPs to get the best deal for Northern Ireland