Alex Easton MLA has become concerned at the dumping and state of an area of wasteland at Balloo Walk in Bloomfield Estate, Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been contacted by residents living in the Balloo Walk area of Bloomfield Estate who have become deeply concerned at an area of wasteland which has become an overgrown jungle of waist height weeds and the dumping of rubbish. I went out to visit the site and was shocked at the height of the weeds and also that someone has seen fit to dump a mattress and household rubbish outside resident’s homes. I have written to the Council and the Housing executive about the issue to see if we can get the area cleaned up and to also cut down the jungle of weeds that is growing. It is unacceptable for residents to have to look out their front windows and see this mess and I am determined that something will be done about this.”