Alex Easton MLA alongside Councillor Tom Smyth has today handed over a petition of 1692 residents calling on the Council to not close play parks at Pinks Green and Beechfield in Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is absolutely clear that the residents of Donaghadee have spoken in their clear numbers that they do not agree with the proposals outlined in the Councils play park strategy to potentially close Beechfield and Pinks Greens play parks in Donaghadee. This proposal by council was both foolhardy and stupid and the councillors could have from the outset stopped these proposals going forward and didn’t. It would be a foolish Councillor who supported the removal of two play parks in Donaghadee especially as both are well used, and both are wanted by the residents of Donaghadee and that Beechfield is designated as an Area at Rick by the department of communities so the proposals are just ludicrous. I hope as the petition is handed over to the Mayor of Ards and North Down by myself and Councillor Tom Smyth that the council reflect on how we have got to this position, and to reflect on the needs of the people of Donaghadee, because they have failed to do so up to now and reflect on the future needs of our children. The way forward is clear, and that is for the councillors to reject these proposals and keep Pinks Green and Beechfields play parks open.”