Alex Easton MLA has expressed deep concern after information provided by the Infrastructure Minister after during an Adjournment Debate that he had submitted to the NI Assembly.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am rather disappointed that the Infrastructure Minister did not appear too concerned by the issues raised at the Adjournment debate on fiancé for TNI road and footpath maintainance for the North Down area. I was deeply concerned that during the debate the Minister announced that there had been contractual issues during the 2015/16 period, which meant that North Down missed out on potential works as there was some sort of legal dispute. I was amazed that at no time during this period, that I was told of this and explains the lack of maintanace work carried out in the North Down area. This lack of information from TNI is totally unacceptable and it is no wonder that I have been left banging my head of a brick wall while trying my best to get things done for the residents of North Down. I have put down a NI Assembly question to try and find out what planned works did not happen as a result of this legal dispute and to find out if we have lost any funding for North Down as a result, I would hate to think that areas such as Beechfield and William Street in Donaghadee and Fairfield Park in Bangor have lost out as a result.”