Alex Easton MLA has today called for help to preserve a 2nd World War air raid shelter in Bangor.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“ Having been contact by the owners of the property at Croft Street in Bangor I went to see this second World War Air raid shelter, I was amazed to see one in such good condition and that it had survived all these years without anyone really knowing of its existence. I am not aware of any other second world war air raid shelters apart from one at Ward Park and I believe there may be one in Groomsport, as the vast majority there were built have been either taken down or forgotten about after the war. This is truly a major discovery and it must be preserved for future generation to learn and know about their history.”

“I truly believe we have unearthed a historical gem in the heart of Bangor and it is for that reason I am calling for action for this Second World War air raid shelter to be protected but to also be preserved for future generations to come. I have written to the Council and the NI Assembly to see if there is any funding available to help preserve the structure but to also ensure that it will be protected for generations to come.”