Alex Easton MLA has today expressed disgust as the bus shelter on the Cannyreagh Road, Donaghadee, being vandalism and damaged for a second time within weeks of each other!


Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:


“I am disappointed to see for a second time within weeks of each other that this bus shelter has been vandalized especially when I alongside the local community group had worked so hard to obtain it for the residents living in the Beechfield and Barnagh area of Donaghadee. It costs hundreds of pounds to fix these bus shelters, which are needed by the local community especially for the elderly and school children to shelter in when there is bad weather.”

“The residents of beechfield deserve better and I am today calling on anyone who has any information on who is vandalising this bus shelters for a second time, to pass this information onto the PSNI so they can be prosecuted by the courts. The sad thing is that this affects the whole community, and it is the rate payers that have to foot the bill to have them mended. I have reported the issue to Translink and am hoping the shelter will be fixed soon.”