Alex Easton MLA is delighted to receive news that the business case for the new build for Bangor Central Integrated Primary School is being finalised by the Education Authority.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This seems to have been going on for an eternity I remember meeting with Mr Campbell and the then Education Minister on 2016 to discuss the proposed new build for Bangor Central Integrated Primary School. At the then meeting the Education Minister confirmed there was funding definitely available through the Fresh Start Agreement to fund a new school build which would cost in the region of around seven million pounds. It was also confirmed that a Project Board would be set up in and around September time to take forward proposals and prepare a business case. There was also an approximate time scale given where a new school build could be opened within five years subject to everything going according to plan. I am delighted that we are now coming to the end stage of the business case and am hoping the Education will give the go ahead in the near future.”