Alex Easton MLA is concerned to hear that staff at Bangor’s biggest employers Teleperformance are being told by Clandeyboye Retail Park management that they can’t use their car parking facilities.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This is a serious issue for staff from Teleperformance who are Bangor’s biggest employers with over 15000 staff and who are being told by the management of Clandeyboye Retail Park that they can’t use the car park to for their cars while at work. The car park at Teleperformance which is at the back of the site has only about 70 spaces, and for year’s staff from Teleperformance have been using the car park spaces at the front of Clandeyboye Retail Park to supplement the need for staff to park their cars.”

“I find it difficult to understand why the Management of Clandeyboye Retail Park has taken this decision to not allow staff from Teleperformance to use the car parking spaces. Firstly there are plenty of free spaces and at no time have I witnessed the car park at the front of Clandeyboye Retail Park being full, in fact most of the time it lies half empty so there is plenty of room, secondly I can’t understand why the Clandeyboye Retail Park management does not want to encourage and foster a good relationship with Teleperformance whose staff shop at the Clandeyboye Retail Park. I would today call on the management of the Clandeyboye Retail Park to have a rethink about this policy as I believe it is not best for business and also not best for having a good relationship with your neighbour who are the biggest employers in Bangor, when there is no good reason to not allow workers to use a half empty car park, and have to park outside of the site and walk some considerable distance, I believe a bit of common sense needs to prevail and hopefully this will happen.”