Alex Easton MLA has asked Bangor provident Trust to come clean about the pensioner’s bungalows at Skipperstone Park, Avenue and Drive.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am deeply concerned at the state of the pensioners bungalows in Skipperstone, three quarters of the bungalows are lying empty with no tenants and very little is being done by Bangor provident Trust to fix them or renovate them. The area is turning into a derelict site and I want to know what the long term plans are for the area. I have written to Bangor Provident Trust who has stopped answering my letters as I have complained so much about work to the remaining occupied homes. The tenants of the area need to know what the future holds and they need to have work carried out to see the other bungalows brought back into circulation and for works to be finished in their own homes.”

I am today calling on Bangor Provident Trust to come clean on what their long term future plans are for the pensioners bungalows at Skipperstone Park, Avenue and Drive, because frankly it is not good enough to leave the area in such a mess!”