Alex Easton MLA has called for the Housing Executive and Transport NI to work together to creating a residents parking bay at Lisnabreen Crescent coming in from the Duel carriage way South Circular Road.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“For many many years there has been a problem for cars trying to flow both ways along lisnabreen Crescent coming into and out of Lisnabreen Crescent onto the Duel carriage way the South Circular Road. The road is far too narrow as the residents also have to park along Lisnabreen crescent to access their homes. There is more than enough space along this stretch of Lisnabreen crescent to create a stretch of car parking space bay to allow residents to park safely but to also allow drivers to come and go along Lisnabreen Crescent without obstruction. This stretch of Lisnabreen Crescent was not built for the amount of cars using this access and it is not safe for residents or car drivers coming in and of the South Circular Road. As the land is owned by the Housing Executive they have duty of car to provided space for residents to park but also transport NI also have a duty of car to ensure the road is safe and that cars can drive safely along this stretch of road and are safe coming into and out of Lisnabreen Crescent onto the South Circular Road. A joint approach would cut costs for both and also make Lisnabreen Crescent better and safer for everyone both residents and drivers.”