Alex Easton MLA had called on the public to use their water consumption more wisely as NI Water threatens a Hosepipe water ban across Northern Ireland.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“Over the course of the lockdown due to Covid 19, we have had unbelievable good weather for April, May and June with April being the sunniest April on record across Northern Ireland. It is no wonder that there has been an increase in water consumption of a whopping 15% during Lockdown.”

“We are seeing a marked reduction in water levels right across reservoirs in Northern Ireland. While I appreciate we need water for our everyday living I would urge the public to consider if their usage of water is appropriate and not to waste water if at all possible. Let’s try and avoid a hosepipe ban so early into the summer months. It is only June and I have never heard of NI Water ever starting to think of a hosepipe ban so early in my living memory. So let’s take this seriously and not waste our water as we may be coming to a stage where we are going to have steps taken for us to ensure we kerb our water consumption.”