Alex Easton MLA has expressed deep concern as canisters and other discarded drug equipment is found lying around Conlig Reservoir.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said.
“Residents in Conlig have reported to me and sent pictures of discarded drug items that are being used at Conlig Reservoir. My main worry is that someone could potential lose their life, as it is the new rage to use these discarded canisters which are being sold legally, and are being inhaled through the mouth. Just inhaling one of these dangerous canisters can kill someone as pockets of air can travel to the brain or heart which can be fatal, this can result in the death of anyone maybe a child and I don’t want to see that happening. I have contacted the PSNI about the situation and hope to see patrols in and around Conlig reservoir in the evenings to try and stamp this problem out.”