Alex Easton MLA has raised deep concerns as NI Assembly figures show 63 % of Housing Executive properties had cavity wall installations that did not meet current industry standards which shows the lack of or poor quality of cavity wall insulation in their housing stock.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“This was a very big problem for Housing Executive tenants across North Down who are suffering from the lack of proper cavity wall insulation in their homes. Every month I get reports of residents who are living in Housing Executive properties that they have damp and black spores in many of their rooms. An excuse often used by the Housing Executive is that it is down to condensation, or people not ventilating their properties, this is a load of nonsense. In many cases, this is down to the lack of, or poor quality of cavity wall insulation that is currently in people’s houses. We are now finding that because the Housing Executive is not dealing with the problems, many tenants are turning to the courts with £634,584 or over half a million being paid out so far across Northern Ireland Housing executive tenants in compensation. Once a property has had their cavity wall insulation corrected they find the black mould goes away, their lives improve and in some cases even their health. I am today calling on the Housing Executive for the North Down area to put into place a plan of action to find out the serious nature of the problem and then get on with fixing it over a rolled out period of time. Residents deserve better from the Housing Executive and it is a ‘no brainier’ to get sorted out.”