Alex Easton MLA has called on the Education Department for more year 8 places for schools across North Down as dozen of parents complain they cant get into the school of their choice.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have been approached by over a dozen families all who have had their child who has not been given a place in one of our local schools for year 8. I have noticed the problem is the amount of available places for schools is the big problem but it is only the schools that can actually ask for more places, so I am urging them to do so. I believe that a dozen or so extra places across North Down could potential make a big difference and would help those families whose children are in a stressed sate because they have no school. I have already written to the Education Authority, the Permanent Secretary for Education to try and help these families and their children. Let’s do the right thing by our children and resolve this issue quickly.”