Alex Easton MLA has called on the Minister of Education to reinstate the SEELB to local control and has submitted a debate to the NI Assembly on the subject.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

β€œI believe it is high time that local politicians and independent residents from the community are allowed to control how the SEELB works and manages its affairs. It is a disgrace that the Education Minister has allowed this situation to go on for so long without there being any accountability to the local community.”

β€œIt is unacceptable that individuals are flown in to take decisions on our behalf, without the local community having a say, we have seen the loss of Redburn Primary School, Conlig Primary School, Groomsport Primary School and Donaghade High School as a result of an unaccountable SEELB, and it is now high time those powers on how we run things for our schools are given back to the people and politician that are elected. It is for that reason I have submitted a debate to the NI Assembly in an attempt to get the Education of our children given back to the people.”