Alex Easton MLA has today called for a Pedestrian crossing for the Belfast Road after a woman was knocked down and seriously injured.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am deeply upset to hear that this accident has happed to this lady, who I understand was seriously injured. What frustrates me about this whole affair it that I have repeatedly called on Transport NI to provide a Pedestrian crossing on the Belfast Road to give pedestrians a place of safety to cross. The Belfast Road is clearly not a safe place to cross with many residents crossing the road to walk into Bangor or to use the local garage and shops.”

“The Belfast road is probably one of the busiest roads we have in Bangor especially with traffic leaving and coming into Bangor. This accident could have potentially been prevented if Transport NI had have listened to calls for a pedestrian crossing or even a pedestrian safety Islands some time ago. I have written to Transport NI and Bangor PSNI about the issue to see what they plan to do about this situation. My thoughts and prayers go out to the injured lady and wish her a speedy recovery.”