Alex Easton MLA has described the Councils free Wi Fi access as appalling and rubbish.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA.

“This has got to be the worst free Wi Fi I have ever experienced, not only is it hard to access the vast majority of the time, it just does not work properly. What is the point of the Council providing a free Wi Fi service like this if shoppers and residents can’t avail of this service?”

” We live in a modern age were technology is important and people want access to the internet and quite frankly the current Wi Fi service provided for Bangor and Holywood is just not up to scratch and needs addressed by the Council. I have written to the Council on the issue, and I expect the Council to take this seriously and to bring someone in to look at the coverage and take action so that everyone can access the Wi Fi, and have good coverage instead of the substandard coverage we currently have for the so called free Wi Fi.”