Alex Easton MLA has today called for the age of voting to be reduced from 18 to 16.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I have always firmly believed that our young people needed to be engaged with more. I am finding more and more of our young people are turned off by politics and that is clearly because there is a disconnect with politics and that needs to change. It is absolutely crucial that there is legislation brought in to lower the voting age to 16 here as soon as possible. It is grossly unfair that at 16, people pay taxes but they are not allowed a say on how their taxes are spent, democracy is a right, particularly when you are compelled to contribute to the financial running of your society.

There is so much disenchantment and disengagement with politics and it is crucial that politics and decision making reconnects with young people. Delivering the vote at 16 is a key way to do this, are young people receive their National Insurance card at 16 and gain the right and responsibility to seek employment if they are not in full-time education, and they should have a say in how the taxes they contribute are spent, time for change time for our young people are invited to take part in out society.”