Alex Easton MLA has today expressed deep concern at the lack of gritting that occurs on our roads during cold snaps

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“I am really disturbed at the lack of gritting that goes on out roads, it is true to say that the Department for Infrastructure concentrate on Main Roads in order to keep them safe but every other road is left totally alone with many people struggling to get their cars out of their streets. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect is where there are schools of the main roads which are left without gritting, also there are many street on hills that do not have grit boxes and many were not filled before the first icy snow snap actually occurred with many having rubbish dumped in them.

What I fail to understand that for years the Department for Infrastructure were able to grit nor just the main roads but were able to do our B roads and much more, all our salt boxes were filled. There is something seriously wrong wither there is a lack of gritters or corners are being cut and we as the public are just not getting the same gritting service we used too. I have written to the Department for Infrastructure to ask about the level of their service and to ask what pressures they are under to get a better understanding as to why things are slipping in regards to gritting services”