Alex Easton MLA attended a protest at the proposed closure of Donaghadee Bus Station to show the problems that would arise at the New Street bus stop.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“The protest has clearly demonstrated that by the closure of Donaghadee Bus Depot will cause huge confusion and traffic congestion at New Street bus stop. It was clear to see that both Donaghadee buses did not have the space to park at the same time and caused problems with the Traffic. It is also clear the current bus stop at New Street is not large enough to come with the amount of passengers that will be arriving in the mornings to get onto the school buses.”

“With the safety off both school children and residents from Donaghadee vitally important this protest has demonstrated the serious flaws and concerns that people have over the Translink plans. I would call on Translink to look carefully at what occurred and consult with the Road Service and the PSNI on what measures they will put in place to fix the problems, will they lengthen the bus stop, will they put in an extra bus shelter, and will they consider a turning circle on the current bus depot site to help resolve this issue.”