Alex Easton MLA and road safety campaigner Terry Malcolm have expressed concern for car users at the Grange Roundabout.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

It is clear the sight lines cant be seen by car drivers at the Grange Roundabout due to the height of the vegetation growth at the Grange Roundabout. Basically car drivers are struggling to see other cars coming around the roundabout and if something is not done could lead to an accident. Its basically a bit of common sense by the Council for the future, and that is to simply plant low lying flower plants and do some maintenance of the flower beds.”

Alex Easton MLA

Speaking today Terry Malcolm said:

Terry Malcolm said “after retiring from the local road safety committee in April 2022 I still was receiving phone calls and messages about different road safety issues.

I would still be in contact with DFI nearly every week about different issues, potholes, over grown hedges/trees, at junctions, weeds on footpaths and faulty traffic lights. None of these things can be fixed without the great help received from these authorities. And the help I receive from Alex Easton over many years is also much appreciated in dealing with a lot of other road issues. I had been contacted from a local resident on the Crawfordsburn Road about sight-lines being blocked on approach to the Grange roundabout.

This has been going on since 2013 which was my first contact with council about keeping the planting lower for better visibility, this worked for a while but it was let get to high so more calls to council, then a female motor biker came off her bike when a car pulled out in front of her on route to work. The planting was kept low again but since it been getting higher and higher remembering this is a give-way not a stop so drivers and riders are looking into the roundabout on approach. There is a 1mtr bollard beside us which is completely hidden by the growth. You would completely lose a cyclist on that approach, or a smaller car. Surly with trying to keep cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and car drivers safe would it not be better to be able to see who or what is on the roundabout. It’s only a matter of time before before someone gets injured here, and not forgetting to keep all sight lines clear on approach to any junction or roundabout.