Alex Easton MLA has asked the question of Ards and North Down Council what are you doing is this really value for money after and FOI for the cost of the Groomsport paddling pool site cost came in at £101,447.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

Alex Easton MLA had questioned the wisdom of the Council after an FOI on the works carried out at the Groomsport paddling pool site cost was revealed. This is really quite staggering as the cost for the worked carried out has cost this Council and the rate payers £101,447. I just shake my head in despair and have to ask when you see the utter cock-up from Council with the design and what was installed it really has to be asked what is going on with this Council, £101,447 was spent on what a new surface and a couple of splash pads. Surely this Council could have done better for the residents of Groomsport, surely the councilors could have got better value for money surely something much better could have been put in place that would have cost less and been of more use for residents and tourists alike. I just continue to hold my head in my hands and challenge anyone to go and look at what has been put in place and tell me that it was worth £101,447. I just despair!”