ByAlex Easton

Sep 6, 2015

Alex Easton MLA has been left shocked after a walkabout in Kilcooley to identify issues; he came across an empty HELM property with the back Garden being used as a dump.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

I am deeply shocked at what I found at the rear garden of this HELM property, which appears to be used as a dumping site for rubbish. Not only is there the visual impact which this has, there is also a health and safety issue with all sorts of unpleasant items being dumped. I can only question HELM as to why they are not inspecting the property from time to time to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t go on, surely they have a responsibility to get this cleaned up and the property brought up to scratch to ensure there are new tenants and that the place is not left to get into such a state. I am today calling for HELM and Council to ensure this rubbish is quickly disposed of, and ensure this does not happen again, because the residents of Kilcooley deserve much better.”


By Alex Easton

Alex Easton