Alex Easton MLA has launched a letter writing campaign aimed at Transport NI, calling for Ashfield Drive, Pine Park and Beechfield Drive to be resurfaced in Donaghadee.

Speaking today Alex Easton MLA said:

“It is an absolute disgrace that TNI have allowed the road surface to deteriorate in such away Ashfield Drive, Pine Park and Beechfield Drive. I recently counted seventeen potholes and have been writing and phoning TNI for several years to try and get something done for the residents of Beechfield and Ashfield. I have even had the DRD Minister up to visit, who agreed the road surface was in a good state. It is high time that something was done by TNI. I have no other alternative but to launch a letter writing campaign to TNI, which will see written letters and envelopes delivered through residents doors asking them to sign and send on to DRD. I am hoping if DRD will see how annoyed the residents of Beechfield and Ashfield are, and that they will finally do something and resurface the three roads or at the very least put them on a waiting list to be done in the near future, its time TNI buck their ideas up and do the right thing.”