Alex Easton has welcomed the endorsement of the former Ulster Unionist MLA and Lord of Mayor of Belfast, Dr Ian Adamson OBE in the Westminster election.
Dr Ian Adamson signed Mr Easton’s nomination papers and is encouraging voters in North Down to vote DUP in this election.
Dr Adamson said, “This is a time for new thinking in North Down. Like many former and present Ulster Unionists, I will be voting for Alex Easton. I am calling on UUP supporters to do the same.
I have seen the tremendous work Alex Easton has put into our communities in North Down. Alex is the only candidate who will facilitate and adequately promote British heritage and culture for everyone. He is strong for North Down and strong for the Union.”
Thanking Dr Adamson for his endorsement in his Westminster campaign, DUP candidate Alex Easton said;
“I thank Dr Adamson for his wholehearted endorsement of my campaign in this crucial election. Dr Ian Adamson is a well-respected Ulster Unionist who worked hard for the betterment of people living here. His support and encouragement is really appreciated.
This election is about ensuring we send the strongest team to Westminster to get the best deal for Northern Ireland. With the opinion polls narrowing in Great Britain, the votes of our MPs could be critical. I will be part of a larger team and will use my seat to get the best deal for North Down and the Northern Ireland.
A vote for the DUP is a vote for the Union and a team who will stand strong for Northern Ireland.”
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